Schnauzer Poodle Mix

Is a Schnauzer Poodle Mix Right for You?


The schnauzer poodle mix is a cross breed of two purebred dog lines: the schnauzer and the poodle. These cross breeds may never have “papers” of their own, although they may be spawned directly from two purebred parents that do have papers. If you’ve managed to find yourself reading this then you’ve probably stumbled upon this breed either by word from a friend or perhaps through a bit of research on the internet. There is a lot of fuss of “designer dog breeds” but potential owners are often left wondering if this is the right step to take, especially considering that dogs like this certainly come with a hefty price tag. The following sections contain general information about the schnauzer poodle mix that can help you to determine whether this breed is a good suit for you and your family.


Physical Description


The schnauzer poodle mix is going to carry traits from both of its parents which, at first glance, look very different from one another. There is a lot of prediction involved with cross breeds because some pups take more to one side of the family than the other. Where the schnauzer and poodle mix is concerned one also has to account for the differences within each parenting breed. For instance, there are toy poodles, miniature poodles, and standard (or giant) poodles which are radically different in size. There are also different coat types within the poodle breed which are curly and corded. As for schnauzers, there are also regular and miniature varieties. Schnauzers also have two different coat types: wirehair and soft coat. In most instances, a schnauzer poodle mix is likely to have either a long, fluffy coat or a wiry coat. Depending on the size of the parents, this kind of cross breed could be fairly small or it could be as big as a standard poodle, which is usually over 15 inches at the tallest point of the shoulders. Both breeds have a boxy shape with good, tall posture and a narrow nose.




You’ve probably heard this saying before, but all dogs have a personality of their own. Just like humans, it can be difficult to predict exactly how a pup is going to turn out. That being said, there are ways that we can get a good idea of what kind of personality the dog is predisposed to being, as long as the environment in which the dog is brought up is loving, fair, and disciplined. The best way to get a decent peek into a pup’s personality is to interview its parents. If one or both of the parent’s aren’t around to inspect then one may simply have to go off of the “average” temperament of both parent breeds.


The schnauzer is an intelligent breed with lots of confidence. They are also loyal and known for having a sense of fearlessness and unfailing courage. With the intelligence of this breed also comes the ability to find out its owner’s weaknesses and play on them in order for the dog to get what he wants. This kind of “bullying” or alpha attitude needs to be brought under tight control from a young age. Whenever the schnauzer isn’t spoiled or allowed to rule the roost he can be quite easy to train. At heart, this breed is a people pleaser and is very affectionate with adults and children alike.


Poodles are also confident and are one of the most intelligent dog breeds on the planet. They can be quite sensitive, even to one’s tone of voice, and never respond well to harsh physical correction. The poodle has a cheerful personality but is also quite proud, which can be seen by its stance. That being said, this breed certainly isn’t above accepting and dishing out affection to his family. This is a brilliant breed for households with children as poodles are loyal, authoritative, and love to be around people of any age. In fact, this breed has a history of suffering from separation anxiety if left alone for long periods of time.


Exercise Requirements


As both the schnauzer and poodle breeds have relatively high levels of energy, the schnauzer poodle mix will also require plenty of exercise in order to be happy. This cross breed is bound to have an athletic physique that will excel in speed and agility. Games and tasks that allow the dog to exercise these traits will work best. Both breeds of dog have been used as hunters and retrievers throughout history, so for an owner who likes to do a bit of hunting it might be worthwhile to train the schnauzer poodle cross as a hunting companion. The dog will need a long walk or an hour of free-range play each day in order to be completely satisfied. A yard with plenty of room to run, and ideally a fence, would be perfect for this breed.


Is it Right for You?


The schnauzer poodle mix is going to be a willing trainee but you have to be able to dedicate time to his training and to keeping him mentally stimulated. Boredom can result in restless destructive behavior that isn’t necessarily meant to be malicious, it’s just the dog’s way of keeping himself entertained. This cross breed will also lean towards anxiety if left alone a lot. If there will usually be someone around to keep the dog company, or if he won’t be left alone for more than a few hours at a time, then this might be a good breed for you. Although poodles are hypoallergenic breeds, the schnauzer is not. Any resulting cross breeds between the two cannot be guaranteed hypoallergenic dogs. In addition to this, the dog is likely going to require professional grooming to keep his fur looking nice and free of tangles. Daily brushing will be necessary if the dog has a long coat. Overall, you have to ask yourself if your lifestyle can accommodate a dog that requires at least an hour of exercise each day, constant companionship, and plenty of affection. If so, then this may be the right breed for you!